Raymond ”Ray” Kennedy

While we wait for the Ray Kennedy Cup 2022, which will be held after the summer holidays in Valby, we can just look at Ray's career.

Raymond (Ray) was born in 1951. He started his football career in the small club Port Vale. Already as a 17-year-old he came to Arsenal, where he achieved 158 matches on the 1st team.

In 1974, he left Arsenal in favor of Liverpool, where he was a regular in midfield, or as a frontrunner in a total of 275 games. As a Liverpool player he also plays 17 internationals.

In 1982, Ray came to Swansea, though only as a short stint with 42 games. His time at the club did not end very well, as Parkinson's disease manifested itself to a greater extent. He therefore had disagreements with the management, which felt that he was not performing adequately.

In 1983, Ray moved to Hartlepool, where he tried to return to his former form. But in Hartlepool, Parkinson's Disease had definitely caught up with Ray, so it only turned into a season with 23 games.


He received the final diagnosis at the age of 35. Subsequently, Ray was for a short period manager at Sunderland. But all work was quickly abandoned and life subsequently gave rise to problems, in that he was largely without income. Ray has published a book describing his life with Parkinson's Disease.



Ray died November 30, 2021 - In memory of