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Ray Kennedy Shield 2023, June 25th.

Arriving at the LCFA Sefton
Changing room

Changing rooms are open


The will be a joint warm-up

The Tournament start

Match program

The Shield Final

Dinner at LCFA Sefton


Welcome to the Ray Kennedy Tournament 2023 Football for Players with Parkinson’s This event is the result of a combined effort between Northern Lights PD Support, Liverpool County FA, Fit4Cure from Denmark with support from WFAPD and sponsors Sport Parkinson’s The running football is a competition which has taken place in Copenhagen for ten years. We hope that as domestic leagues grow the Ray Kennedy Shield will be the Champions League for Parkinson’s walking football teams across Europe

Liverpool County FA, LCFA Sefton are welcoming all the participants to these high-quality outdoor pitches and five 5-a-side pitches, with a full-size 3G pitch. Both days will follow the same format and fruit/ tea/coffee/water will be available.


We are incredibly excited and we are looking forward to some fantastic days ahead. Please enjoy the whole event and our beautiful city.

Once you have completed the form, please send it to

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