Ray Kennedy Cup

Ray Kennedy Cup

International Parkinson`s Football Tournament


Ray Kennedy Cup is an international football tournament for people with Parkinson`s.

It has been held since 2012 – and is held annually in Copenhagen Denmark.

In 2019 there where teams from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Great Britain – 

A team consists of maximum 10 players, of which 7 can be on the course at the same time.

For lack of Parkinson`s players, it is allowed to have up to 2 players without Parkinson`s on the team and they must be over 65 years old.

Ray Kennedy Cup was founded by Danish Physiotherapist Finn Egeberg Nielsen, and in cooperation with the director of the tournament Eigil Sabroe more Nordic and Europe teams is now attending


The main idea, of the tournament, is to support physical activity, wellbeing and social networking for people with Parkinson’s.

Ray Kennedy Cup is named after the football player Ray Kennedy – who was diagnosed with 

Young – Onset Parkinson`s Disease at the age of 32 – in 1984 – he played for Arsenal F.C. and Liverpool F.C.


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